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Highlighted Projects Completed by Trust Grants

Below is a sampling of recent projects completed in the 32 years Spring Trail Trust has worked formally. Ira Spring had Granted funds for projects since 1968 but these are ones funded by this formalized Trust.

  • Equal partnering with Holden Village to fund air lifting in prepared foot log bridges at Lyman Lake and Prince Creek, both of which are very dangerous crossing after current foot logs washed out.
Lyman crib glamour shot.JPG
Prince done.jpg
  • Multiple year grants to "Friends of the Trail" for their year around care of heavy trash clean up on trailhead roads of liter, abandoned vehicles, and homeless encampments left by thoughtless people, a huge undertaking by Wade Holden and his crews.
  • Partnering with WTA in funding a multi-week trail crew through Northwest Youth Corps to do extensive trail maintenance in North Cascade and Boundary trail.
       Before                             After brushing
Spring Trail 2019 Lost Trails Found Yout

Heading 4

  • Over a decade of various projects completed by Northwest Youth Corps with funding from Spring Trust
  • Multiple years of Earth Corps International Program doing trail work deep into the back country.
  • Trust funds used to purchase a portable fiberglass hiker bridge for the USFS to use for emergency temporary replacement of washed out bridges. This bridge has been used in multiple emergency locations since purchased.  Currently being used in Darrington Ranger District temporarily replacing a  washed out bridge until funding can be secured to put in a permanent replacement, 
  • Before the Trust, Ira Spring has provided
    funding since 1968 for organized Youth  Volunteer Programs doing trail work.
wetland trail removal stumps by mud sill
wetland trail installing deck.jpg
photo #2.jpg
Bogie install water bars above crib wall
  • Multiple Years of working together with the SKY Youth and Job Corps Programs in North Cascade's and Olympic Pennisula
PA SKY more turnpike sections.jpg
PA SKY David cutting rebar.jpg
PA SKY building turnpike for Morganroth
PA SKY Morganroth Turnpike #2.jpg
  • Granted funds to Conservation Northwest Trail building Projects in Eastern Washington
  • Trust funded initial feasibility study and route design work and then contributed funds for construction along with many partnering organizations and volunteers that helped build the new trail up Mailbox Peak.
  • Ira Spring personally got federal funding for a contractor to rough in and then Volunteers for Outdoor Washington to building a new trail to Mason Lake and Ira Spring Trail on I-90 Corridor
Pat & Ira Spring on Sunrise Peak  July 1
  • Funded flying in logs and materials for volunteers to build a solid bridge over Mason Creek which previously had been a dangerous crossing.
  • Example of a bridge the Trust is preparing to assist in funding construction on Suiattle River to access Glacier Peak Wilderness Area via Milk Creek, Glacier Peak access was destroyed in flooding 16 years ago and a safe access for horses and hikers is badly needed to fully enjoy this beautiful Preserved Wilderness.
  • Funded  Mountain to Sound Greenway and Conservation Corps. to do a badly needed trail reconstruction on Granite Mountain
Provided packer support with Back Country Horsemen of Washington for Northwest Youth Corps plus BCHW volunteers rebuilding a badly collapsed trail at "Edgy Ledy" up the Icicle Drainage towards Enchantments were a horse fell to death previously due to unsafe conditions, major multi-year project. 
Barb working on outcropping (002)_edited
The Spring Trail Fund’s Federal IRS tax ID number is 91-6512799 and it is an established Foundation under IRS 509(a)(3) with compliance to the guidelines of 501(c)(3).  As well as a registered Foundation in the State of Washington.
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