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Ira Spring along with his wife Pat dedicated their life's to wilderness and mountain photography. Through their efforts they became activists for promotion of non-motorized access to Wild areas of the Pacific Northwest. Ira Spring was instrumental in helping gain Wilderness legislation in the 1960's and regularly visited law makers and land managers to insure wilderness and hiking opportunities were preserved. Ira and Pat along with a co-author Harvey Manning published over 40 titles of hiking guide books in their life time. Ira Spring was also the co-founder of Washington Trails Association and a major funding source in it's early years. By the 1990's WTA branched out from just an Advocacy Organization promoting hiking trails to starting to do volunteer trail maintenance, this was solely funded by Ira in it's early years. Today WTA does over 100,000 volunteer hours a year of volunteer labor on trails.

Ira continued his gifting to trails from the proceeds of his guidebook royalties and even his social security checks to build the Spring Trust for Trails.  Today still funded by royalties and private donations from donors, the Trust lives on helping organized non-profits programs working on trails by funding projects to enhance hiking trails.

Your donations go 100% to hiking trail projects.

The Spring Trail Fund’s Federal IRS tax ID number is 91-6512799 and it is an established Foundation under IRS 509(a)(3) with compliance to the guidelines of 501(c)(3).
As well as a Registered Foundation in the State of Washington
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